Sunday 21 June 2009

Subtle Technologies 2009, Toronto

Subtle Technologies 2009, Toronto

I’ve just got back after three intense days and evenings at the twelfth Subtle Technologies Festival, a place where Art and Science truly meet. This year, Subtle Technologies offered a feast of inspirational takes on the theme of networks, all presented in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I don’t want to single out any particular item, because I think the most valuable experience was the synergy that flowed from so many sources: the balanced choice of speakers from various backgrounds, the quality of the work presented, the lively discussions during the sessions, and the performances, social events and informal chats.

It was my first time at the festival, though I've followed it for many years. Its distinct profile, and its uncompromising focus on fundamental issues at the intersection of art, science and technology, have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for me throughout all that time, and I was a bit nervous to be the first speaker at the Symposium. However, my presentation outlining my concept for neuroplastic arts received a warm and encouraging response from my colleagues and the audience, and the feedback will certainly influence my future explorations. I am very happy to have met the Torontonian ‘neuroplasticians’, who I hadn't known about before, and I hope to stay in touch with them, as well as with the other interesting people that I met.

Jim Ruxton, Programming Director of the Festival and me during my presentation

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